About Us

Thank you for coming to our website and hanging out with us for a while!

We will keep this short and sweet for you. 🙂

Our love for the outdoors and sports quickly snowballed into a blog about our hobbies. We are constantly embarking on new adventures and trying to find the best resources to educate us on gear, advice and any other information we can get our hands on when it comes to our new “thing”.

That left us wanting more so we decided to create a resource for sport enthusiasts like ourselves! It started small, but it’s morphed into quite a large website consisting of over 50 in-depth reviews and articles. We have put a lot of work into our website and it’s become a labour of love.

We hope you like our website and we need to be transparent and let you know that we do make commissions on some items through the Amazon Affiliate Program, which you can read more about here.

All the best,

The McMullins