A sport requires physical fitness and skills and is performed by an individual or a group of people, which could be regarded as athletes.

Based on the popularity of sports in America, American football is ranked as the most popular sport followed by basketball, baseball, football (soccer) and Ice hockey. Americans are hugely passionate about watching and playing different kinds of sports.

Sports in the United States can be categorized into the major or minor league. The major leagues such as basketball, football generates more revenue compared to the minor leagues.

Also, sporting activities have been internalized in the educational curriculum of schools, colleges, and universities in the United States of America. Tournaments are being organized amongst institutions of learning. In fact, it is believed that students who engage in sporting activities perform better in their academics, while there are certain virtues these athletes inculcate such as self-discipline, self-esteem and good teamwork ability.

Nevertheless, our focal attention here is on the most popular sports in the country. They are as follow, in no particular order:

 American football:

American football is one of the most watched competitive sports in the United States originating from rugby. The first match of American football contest was between two college teams, Rutgers and Princeton on 6 November 1869.

The game is introduced to children from their tender age till they have garnered the necessary skill, and fitness to join the senior team. The field used for the game is expected to be 360 by 160 feet, and the goal post is at the end zone.

There are several ways that a team can score in this game. The first is Point-after-touchdown is one point, the Feild goal is worth three points, and the team that scores with Touchdown g get the highest six points. At the end of the game, the team with the accumulated highest points is declared the winner.

The primary objective of the game is to pass and hit the ball to the goal post of the opposite team, and it usually begins with a toss coin to decide the team that will kick off to start the game.


Basketball is a team sport with limited-contact that gives you the option of one on one play and shooting hoops in a rectangular court. Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor in 1891, first introduced the game.

After the official contest in 1892, the following year after its invention the game as evolved as one of the highest paid sport in the world. The NBA has been known as a winning team in various tournaments in America. Moreover, a good basketball player must be able to understand certain tricks of the game, which involves passing, bouncing, dribbling, setting and netting.


Baseball is regarded as a national sport, and the US government in 1846 officially recognized it, and the first team was registered.

The sport requires two teams who compete against each other by hitting the ball with the bat.

This sport requires the team involvement of all ages in participation during the sporting activity. The most famous team in America are the New York Yankees. Also, baseball in America is described as a cool, calm and decent game. Baseball requires good cooperation amongst the team members. The training duration for baseball players takes several months in preparation for a competition.

The highest professional level in baseball is Major League Baseball (MLB). The people who are found in this kind of league are the senior baseball players that are well experienced while the amateur league players comprise of athletes from high school, college, and universities.

Football (Soccer):

Numerous fans around the world cherish football as a popular sport in America. Meanwhile, every year, football in America keeps increasing, and it has a higher value in the global market. Football is played among children and adults.

People play football for various reasons either as a game to entertain fans, while some people consider football as a game that is played for pleasure. The zeal to be a good footballer player begins from childhood. According to statistics, 45% of men show interest in football followed by 20% of women in America.

 Ice Hockey:

Ice hockey is regarded as the 5th most popular sports in America and has tremendously engaging gameplay with falls, punches, and hits that have made it an extremely popular sport in America. Ice Hockey is hugely prominent in North America.

The sport is played between two teams in a hockey rink with six players in a team and a goaltender. The objective of the game is to shot the rubber disc with a stick into the opponent’s goal net.

Best known by the Americans as “hockey,” the sport comprises the junior and senior team. The junior hockey team is known as amateur hockey league, the senior team is known as the National hockey league.

The sport also has a professional league, North America’s National Hockey League for men and it’s regarded as the strongest ice hockey league in the world with American and Canada teams. The winner goes with the Stanley Cup at the end of the league,

To wrap it all, according to observations, most of these popular sports are dominant in North America, and statistics also show that teenagers are more involved in these sports especially in their colleges.